Signs That You Need to Replace Your Hot Water System


Efficient and reliable water heaters are important appliances in a household. You basically need hot water every day to wash dishes, do the laundry, and take a shower. However, like other home appliances, water heating systems have a lifespan and may show signs of wear & tear with time. Some of these signs include:

1. Rusty/Dirty Water

If rust colored and brown water comes from the hot water tap of your shower, bathroom, and kitchen sink, it will be time to have your water heater replaced. Rusts are telltale signs of tank and water pipes corroding on the inside. This often results in leaks and cracks.

2. Leaking Tank

Leaks are serious issues in a hot water system. If you start noticing standing water around your appliance, then you need to replace the system. There are no repair solutions for leaking tanks, and trying to use a leaked tank can lead to serious failures or flooding. However, before that, check where leak or water is coming from. A leak coming from valves can be repaired, but you can’t fix the tank itself. Remember also to look other areas, like a hot water cylinder and pressure overflow pipe, for leaks before you replace the entire system.

3. Inadequate Heating

Naturally, water heaters with one foot can start losing functionality. If you no longer get hot water, then it is high time you replace your system. At times, the mechanisms and devices inside can break or wear down, making your system to stop working. In other cases, this might need a simple fix, but could as well as need a replacement.

4. Faulty Drain Valves

Hot water systems collect silt and sediments over time. The sediments can easily break the interior of your tank, blocking your drain valves. This, in turn, prevents flow of water. An expert can help you fix this problem by flushing out water to avoid clogging drain valves, but again, this depends on the unit’s age and overall condition. If the problem still occurs after repair, you will need to replace the system.

5. Aged Unit

According to many hot water manufacturers, residential water heating systems last from 10 to 15 years. If you bought a new home, it will be easier to know the right time to replace your system. But if you purchased an older house, it will be a good idea to ask a licensed and experienced plumber to first examine the system to know the unit’s condition and age.

6. Noise

If you start hearing loud or banking noises from the water heating system, this can be a sign your unit requires a replacement. As your water heating system ages, sediments will build up and harden eventually. As the system heats up, you can hear banging or rumbling, which may cause cracks. Ensure you look at small leaks and contact an expert to know where the noise comes from.

The bottom line is that, you need to have a reliable system to serve you for years. However, if it’s inefficient/outdated and you constantly repair it, then it is high time you replace the entire system. A new one will be more energy-efficient as well as save you a lot on energy bills.

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