How to pack jewelry for moving?


When preparing for a move, it’s tempting to get caught up in the larger tasks and neglect the little aspects. Who among us hasn’t landed up with seven “catch-all” boxes holding a beautiful assortment of orphan socks and mysterious cords? Moving your jewelry box surely isn’t one of your top priorities.

If you’re not cautious, you may arrive at your new house to discover your necklaces in a stubborn, interwoven ball and half of your earrings gone. Use these DIY tactics, and your jewelry will arrive at your new address intact and unharmed.

5 Ways to pack jewelry for your relocation

1. String necklaces through straws

When two necklace chains get entwined, you stand a higher chance of successfully conveying Snapchat to your old parents than untangling the knotted links in this lifetime. String your necklace chains through a standard straw, bending the straw to fasten the ends together. There you go, a nifty little jewelry pouch for each of your necklaces that you created yourself.

2. Stick earrings through button holes

Buttons have two holes and earrings come in pairs. Coincidence? Probably, but you should utilize it to your advantage. You may place the posts of your earrings through the button holes and fasten the backs on the opposite side. This ingenious method ensures that earring sets remain together at all times. For even more do-it-yourself fun, you can keep the buttons in an egg carton.

3. Adorn a pill box with studs.

Small stud earrings (or cufflinks) will store easily in a pill box. The lockable lids on a pill case guarantee our earrings won’t be misplaced, even if they’re in a package that gets jostled about. Plus, your pairings will stay together at all times.

4. Store jewelry in a sunglass box.

Even while rings won’t become twisted, they’re still at risk of being lost if their packaging is too flimsy. They may fall into the side pocket of your cosmetics case while you’re in a rush to pack, and you wouldn’t locate them again for years. Put your most treasured rings in a protective case, like a pair of sunglasses, for safekeeping and easy access. Makeup sample cardboard boxes may double as makeshift ring boxes.

5. Separate bracelets in Ziploc bags

In addition to holding your peanut butter and jelly on the go, sandwich bags have many other uses. As an added bonus, you may pack your bracelets away in these handy plastic storage bags for the next time you relocate. Bangles may scratch one another if flung together, while bracelet chains may tangle up with one another. Use Ziploc bags to individually keep your wrist jewelry while it’s in transit, and you can reuse most of the bags after they’re unpacked.

The bottom line

When packing up your home to relocate, it may pay off in spades to focus on the finer details. Not only does packing your jewelry properly ensure you won’t lose a valuable piece of family history, but it might save you hours of stress.

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