From Packing to Unpacking: Your Ultimate Moving Guide


Getting ready for your trip can be exciting. But packing can be tricky. From acquiring the right supplies to handling bulky luggage can be challenging. But with the right tips, you can pack right and ensure a seamless move. 

 Here is a guide to packing and unpacking:

1. Maximize your space

Use the minimalist approach and only pack what you need. You may not have adequate space in your new residence and don’t want to crowd your rooms. Cut down on what you pack, this means lighter luggage and easier job for the BRS Moving team.

Moreover, fold clothes and use hangers to save on space. You can use compression bags to shrink the clothes to fit in between your bags. Learn of the travel regulations and carry items that adhere to the restrictions if using an airline.

2. Pack essentials aside& keep electronics within reach

Carry some essentials in a separate bag, you will need them along the way, or upon arrival. These can be changing clothes, toiletries, baby clothes, pet food, etc. Also, pack some electronics like phone chargers, headphones, and adapters. You may need them to stay entertained during the trip, ensure they are accessible so that you don’t have to unpack to get them.

3. Label your boxes

Label the boxes and indicate the contents in each box. Doing this helps the movers determine how to handle your goods. It also eases damages since movers will know how to stack the boxes. Labelling also helps during unpacking and indicates the destination rooms for each box. Label the rooms too in your new place, this makes it easy to unpack.

4. Ease security checks 

Place liquids in clear bags and carry the right size limits. Also, avoid prohibited items in your state, these can be sharp objects and oversized liquids. This will avoid unnecessary stress and ease security checks.

5. Use superior quality supplies

You need various packaging materials to pack your items properly. Acquire the best quality supplies to ensure safety of your belongings during transit. You can acquire high-quality boxes from leading stores online or have the moving company supply them.

Some movers will even offer packaging services and you should discuss this with the team beforehand. Also, have enough bubble wrap and ensure adequate padding in the boxes. This helps prevent rigorous movement in the boxes which can cause breakages to delicate items.

6. Unpack per room &start with essential rooms

Unpack room by room and ensure all is set before moving to the next room. This eases the work and avoid mixing up the items. It’s even easier when you have labeled boxes, so you know where everything goes. Also, begin with the essential rooms such as the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. Also, deal with large furniture and leave smaller items in the boxes until you have time to organize them. Set your bed ready for you will need adequate rest after a long day. 


Packing and unpacking can be tiring, so involve family members and loved ones to help you out. Take breaks and start with the essential areas that you frequently use. You can also opt for short-term storage until you are ready to unpack. So, discuss this with professional movers and ease the process! 

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