Beginners’ Guide to Hot Water Care and Maintenance


Hot water tubs are a great way to distress and relax, but they can also be a great investment requiring maintenance to make sure they last longer and works correctly. Although hot water tubs are very luxurious, they need more maintenance and care than other home fixtures and appliances.

What frightens most people isn’t knowing the right ways to take care of their hot water tubs. Plus, maintaining hot tubs may intimidate even seasoned tub owners. But hot tub water care can also be easier to keep your tubs running with helpful tips and care techniques.

Common Hot Water Tub Symptoms and Issues

Regardless of how well you take care of your hot water tub, it is likely that the system will come with some issues and symptoms. Commonly, you will note issues with water, serving as a clear indication that your spa or water system needs support. Some of the common issues you may see are:

  • Control panel errors
  • Loud pumps
  • Cold water
  • Weak jets
  • Dirty, foamy, or cloudy water

Recognizing all these issues and symptoms will help make the repair easier and even prevent minor problems from escalating into more serious and costly problems.

Hot Tub Care and Maintenance Basics

Before sinking into the warm water of a new spa, take time to be familiar with important terms. For example, you may see it called a portable spa or simply a spa. Some people like to call hot tubs Jacuzzis. But that is the case with universalizing brand names.

Knowing the model and make of your hot tubs is vital. Having these details will make it much easier to get service and parts whenever you want them. It will also help a lot to have the spa’s vital statistics. These may include age, water capacity, and specific water challenges, like hard water.

Supplies You Need

When installing your hot water tub, you should make sure you buy the right products from day one. Although there are numerous hot tub maintenance and care supplies in the market, you need the basic ones, like the following:

  • A surface skimmer
  • Soft clothes and brushes
  • Bromine or chlorine
  • Alkaline and pH balancers
  • A pH test strip

Step-by-Step Maintenance Checklist

Your schedule for a hot water tub might be made up of a few large and small tasks spread throughout the course of the year. Not every task will be done every week. As a matter of fact, some are required after every three months. But roughly, here is what the hot tub maintenance checklist looks like:

1. Weekly Maintenance

Every step you take weekly determines how clean water is and will ascertain whether it is safe for use. Your weekly maintenance must include the following:

  • Wiping exposed edges of the shell
  • Rinsing filters
  • Adding shock
  • Checking the temperature
  • Treating and testing water

2. Annual Maintenance

Some parts of hot water tubs have a lifespan of one year, making it vital to consider replacing them every year. There is also important inclusion in the maintenance routine, which may prepare your tub for that one year.

The Bottom Line for Hot Tub Water Care

Although these steps may sound complex, soon, they will become commonplace. The more you maintain and care for your hot tub, the easier it becomes for you.

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